Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s: Increased Regulations and Scrutiny for EBPs


Employee benefit plan (EBP) sponsors have fiduciary responsibilities to protect both plan participants and investments. Additionally, sponsors are personally liable for any fines issued due to noncompliance.

In this video, CRI’s Lorri Kidder discusses fiduciary responsibilities related to employee deferrals, fees, investments, and service providers.


Putting the Fun in Nonprofit Fundraising Expenses


Fundraising expenses are a troublesome area for many non-for-profit executives. Charity Navigator and other nonprofit watchdog groups place a high emphasis on limiting fundraising expenses compared to program expenses.

Watch as CRI’s Matt Gunning  discusses the role of fundraising expenses in an organization, how to measure these expenses, and how to craft a clear and concise fundraising expenses plan that can be communicated to watchdog groups and financial supporters alike.


Individual Phase-Outs: Understanding and Using Income Tax Thresholds for Tax Planning


Some taxpayers may face a trifecta of individual phase-outs that reduce itemized deductions by 3%, allowable exemptions by 2%, and limit dollar-for-dollar tax credits. In this video, CRI’s Scott Abrams discusses options for accelerating or deferring both income and deductions when individual phase-outs apply. Consult with your CRI tax professional to determine how individual phase-outs may impact your specific tax decisions.


Bill. Bill. Junk mail. Magazine. Bill. Junk mail. Bill. That’s pretty much what most people find when they reach inside their mailbox every day. What most people probably don’t expect is a letter from the IRS. So what should you do if you get one? Step 1: Resume breathing. While the IRS probably isn’t inviting….


A recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) found that U.S. organizations were losing about 5% of their revenues to fraud, which equates to approximately $3 billion dollars annually. And the vast majority of these crimes – 75% – are conducted by insiders, which are the very employees that leaders believe they….