Creating Physician Compensation Plans Based on Relative Value Units


Physician practices need to attract new physicians to grow and prosper in today’s competitive healthcare environment. If a practice is having problems hiring new physicians, then the practice needs to review the physician compensation plan. Effective plans should balance both production and operations while providing a mechanism for physician performance measurement and feedback. Watch as Dale Cooper and Debi Alberdi discuss steps to improve physician compensation plan models including implementing new metrics focused on relative value units (RVUs).


Are you losing money that should be in your pocket? Reviewing your billing and collectionprocedures presents an opportunity for collecting every dollar and putting your money back where it belongs – in your bank account! Missed revenue generally occurs in one of three different ways: 1) Process Issue: There is a systemic problem in the….


Successfully Intersecting Business Valuation with Estate and Gift Taxes


Running a business has its challenges – from accounting responsibilities to staffing and seemingly everything in between. It’s easy for business owners to focus most of their attention on running the business and not planning for the business’ future.

Since the business is often the owner’s largest asset, it’s crucial for business owners to know their business’ value so they can effectively plan for estate and gift taxes. Watch as CRI’s Matt Schaeffer discusses how to think, plan, and employ a business and succession plan that intersects with personal estate and gift tax planning.


“Nosy” Questions the IRS asks Not-for-Profit Organizations on Form 990


The IRS asks not-for-profit organizations to check “yes or no” to several questions in the policies section of Form 990. While the policies outlined in the questions aren’t required, the IRS feels they are important enough to include on an organization’s annual return Additionally, donors and potential donors are reviewing these polices and using this information to make giving decisions.

Watch as CRI’s  Jennifer Christensen discusses the “nosy” questions on Form 990 and how organizations can work with CRI to implement whistleblower, conflict of interest, and executive compensation policies.


Choosing the correct business entity to operate your start-up business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur. There are several options from which to choos, each having its own legal, tax, and liability implications. Options for you business’ new entity selection include: C-Corporations, S-Corporations, General Partnerships and Limited Partnerships, Limited….


In a down economy, businesses today may not only be in the process of being robbed blind but also being blind about what is being stolen. Whether cash, products, raw materials, or personal property, too many business operators are satisfied with what they consider an “acceptable” level of theft, shrinkage, or other losses. Many businesses….